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Since leaving the cooking profession 10 years ago, I have been writing software and speaking about software development at conferences all over the world. You can preview those here.

I give workshops on Elixir and Phoenix.

I’m based in the suburbs of Vienna, Austria.


A growing startup’s hiring process can be compared to a consultant’s marketing and sales process.

At HiringFunnel, we help medium sized startups who are feeling growing pains to create a repeatable process to find, process and onboard the best recruits.

At Square Bracket we build custom software solutions for early stage startups.

Our projects include a chatbot for a large supermarket chain (SPAR), Ethereum Dapps, a freelancer marketplace, apps for doctors and their patients and many more.


I give workshops to help train students or to save your company time by introducing your employees to new technologies.

If you’re interested in booking a workshop, just fill out the contact form and I’ll get right back to you.

Introduction to Elixir

In this workshop, we go into some of the more interesting aspects of Elixir to discover what makes this language and its patterns so powerful.

It is very hands-on and the students get to coding Elixir in the first 15 minutes.

Introduction to Elixir and Phoenix

This workshop is very similar to the Intro to Elixir workshop except we spend some time getting to know Phoenix. At the end of the workshop we will have built a Phoenix app that uses websockets to produce a real-time twitter feed in the browser.

If you decided on Phoenix for your team’s web app, this workshop would be a great fit for you.

The Evolution of a Digital Currency - Ruby Edition

This workshop goes through the steps of building a very primitive digital currency, through coming up with a currency that has many similarities with Bitcoin.

It touches on cryptography, Proof of Work and mining.

If you want to see an example, it has been extracted from this talk that I gave in Lviv in 2018.


I have been speaking at tech conferences for many years and at meetups for many more.
The topics have changed quite a bit over the years which shows how my interests keep changing.

If you would like me to speak at your conference or event, or give a workshop, just fill out the contact form and I’ll get right back to you.

I try to entertain first, but hope people will come away having learned something. These talks are in serious need of upvotes so if you take a peek, don’t forget to smash like 👍

Steal This Talk

I like to give talks. Tragedy has hit for the past year and I haven’t been able to come up with anything interesting to speak about. I had almost given up, thrown in the towel. But then I had an idea…

I will build an app that will write a talk for me!

It turns out AI is pretty hard.

Euruko Rotterdam 2019

How Mining Works

I explain crypto mining Proof of Work using Ruby examples: the problems it solves and how it solves them. I answer the question “Why are we using so much electricity mining crypto?“.

Pivorak Conf Lviv 2018

The Professional Crypto Mining Tech Stack

For the last year Aaron has been managing and building software for a medium sized Ethereum mining farm in Central Europe. The current stack is quite eclectic and constantly in flux. It includes Elixir, Golang, Ruby, Node, a ton of bash and YAML, and even some Raspberry Pis thrown in.

Reaktor Breakpoint Helsinki 2018

Boom! Zap! PoW!

I’ve been managing a mining farm, consuming thousands of kilowatt hours for most of the last year.

In this talk, I will explain what Proof of Work (PoW) and some alternatives.
We’ll even do some mining in Ruby!

Rubyconf Kenya 2018

Building A Chatbot With Go, RiveScript and api.ai

If you’ve considered building a chatbot in Go, there are some pretty nice tools that exist to make it a great experience. From a conversational markup language to Natural Language Processing as a Service, I’ll show you how to leverage a few tools out there so you can make a chatbot or a prototype in minutes!

Golang Meetup Brno 2017

This Bot Will Pump You Up

I challenged myself to get fit with fitness chatbots I was building. Try not to cry when you see what happened next.

Rubyconf India 2017 Rubyconf Philippines 2017

Evolution of a Burger Bot

I built a Burgers and Beer chatbot using the Elixir programming language. This talk is a bit about the process but mostly about chatbot design.

ElixirLive Warsaw 2016

Ruby Alternatives

Ruby is just a tool and this talk is a very brief introduction to some other tools a Rubyist could add to their toolbox: Golang, Elixir and the Crystal Programming Language.

Rails Israel 2016 Rubyconf India 2016 RubyC Kyiv 2016

Duck! An Interface Love Story.

Where I speak about one of my favorite features of the Go Programming Language, Interfaces.

Gophercon Dubai 2016 Gophercon India 2016


If you would like to get in touch, follow the link below to give me some information about yourself. It should only take a couple minutes.

I look forward to hearing from you!